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We believe all lives should be filled with health and well-being; that each person should have the knowledge and resources to make the best and healthiest choices for themselves and their families, with access to care and services that make acting on these choices easy. And you deserve personal attention from people who acknowledge and understand your frustrations and work to eliminate them. It means working together because that’s the way we all improve.

Catholic Health Initiatives offers expertise, convenience, resources and best-in-class care from a foundation of togetherness. To serve communities better, we’ve grown into the third-largest nonprofit health system in the nation. And we’re not done yet. We currently offer care in 18 states through 101 hospitals and clinics, including three academic health centers and major teaching hospitals as well as 29 critical-access facilities, community health-service organizations, and nursing colleges. We connect agencies, communities and facilities with a goal of bringing everyone the care they need where they need it.

There is nothing we can't do together.

Full time
Catholic Health Initiatives Texas, USA
Position Summary Ensures the safe and effective use of medications by providing medication order verification while assessing for optimal drug product selection, dosage regimen design, effective administration and drug therapy monitoring services in the health system.   monitors inpatient and outpatient drug therapies when appropriate and Works with medical staff to find alternatives when needed.  evaluates patient care plans, medication therapy and resolves medication related problems and issues, including categorization of patient specific therapies to optimize pharmaceutical care. Position Responsibilities 1. Reviews, interprets, and evaluates all medication orders for patients in all age groups       2. Maintains patient medication profiles in an automated pharmacy information system       3. Consults with and advises medical, nursing, and other healthcare providers regarding the prescribing, dispensing, or administration of medications.       4. Routinely monitors the patient’s total drug therapy for effectiveness, side effects, adverse reactions, toxicities, drug interactions, and incompatibilities       5. Participates actively in cardiopulmonary emergencies.       6. Conducts assigned target drug monitoring programs and concurrent drug use evaluation activities as required       7. Performs and documents Pharmacist Intervention activities such as recommendations on drug product selection, dosage adjustments, and appropriate drug therapy       8. Obtains medication histories on selected patients and communicates pertinent information to the appropriate healthcare provider       9. Communicates with physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers as necessary       10.Prepares and/or Verifies the appropriate preparation of medications to be dispensed using the correct technique, as required.
Feb 05, 2019