Workpop's software is the product of our fundamental philosophy about hiring: we believe that the divide between job boards and the software for hiring managers (the traditional ATS) is a bad thing. It creates a poor user experience both for candidates and employers, leading to suboptimal data and redundant tasks.

Candidates are forced to re-enter information and are given little feedback and must start from square one if they are declined. Employers are forced to continually re-purchase candidates via job boards, and have minimal control over the sourcing experience - relying on job posts, fighting for attention in a sea of opportunities or attempting to build employment brands with antiquated technology.

The ATS, the most important software purchase for recruiting, doesn't even help with the largest problem - finding great employees. Not so with Workpop.

Full time
Summary: To manufacture products according to established GMPs, MMPs, and SOPs. To maintain a professional atmosphere and ensure that all company policies are complied with. Maintain the physical facilities and equipment of Scantibodies. To aid and support other technicians. Effectively communicate current production status to the RAW Material Supervisor. Essential Duties: Report to Raw Material Supervisor Complete assigned tasks in an accurate and timely manner Maintain the facilities and property of Scantibodies in a secure and responsible manner Complete form no:750-A (Daily labor hours sheet) Procedures that will be performed on a daily basis include: Raw Materials – Quality Evaluation and Segregation (SOP #202), Raw Material Product Pooling (SOP #202.1), and Sampling Procedure for individual units (SOP #816) Equipment Used: Laboratory Equipment:  magnetic stir plate                                 thermometer                                     balance                                     tube sealer                                     other general laboratory equipment Job Specifications : High School diploma or equivalent Working Conditions/Physical & Mental Demands: Fast-paced laboratory environment. Light to moderate lifting. Supervision of Others: None Monetary Responsibilities: None EEO: SLI is an equal opportunity employer and all employees are responsible for maintaining a discrimination and harassment free environment.
Sep 23, 2019