Mains'l Services, Inc.

We support people...
  • who are elderly
  • who have a brain injury
  • who have autism spectrum disorders
  • who have cognitive or intellectual disabilities
  • who have physical disabilities
  • who have mental health concerns
  • with challenging behaviors
  • who are medically fragile
  • who are veterans
...and their circle of support
Mains'l offers supports to those who need it, to live a life they choose. Established in 1989, we began supporting children and adults with developmental and physical disabilities. Over the years, we have been privileged to support the elderly, people who have acquired brain injuries, and those who have a primary mental health diagnosis.
The most important factor in developing supports is promoting self-determination and enhancing family and other relationships. We know that people flourish when their lives are filled with meaningful relationships and activities of their own choosing.
Mains'l currently support people in Alaska, California, Florida, and Minnesota. We believe that our employees are the most important factor in delivering high quality supports. We hire "crew members" who are energetic, compassionate, and dedicated people
Mains'l is named after the mains'l (contraction for mainsail), the nautical term for the principle sail on a boat. Just as the mains'l is the driving force moving the boat, the supports offered by Mains'l Services, Inc. assists people to move their life in the direction they choose.