Personal Child Care Development Inc.

Early Intervention agency (children 0-3 years) using independent contractors to provide evaluations and therapy for qualified children. Our cases are  in all five NYC boros, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan (NYC) Queens and S.I.
Our Speech Language Pathologists SLP, Occupational Therapists OTR, Physical Therapists DPT, BCBA (ABA), Special Instructors S.I. Phsyches are being paid competitive rates.  
As a continuously growing agency, we are looking for more providers and evaluators.
Experienced with NYEIS early intervention service coordinators are also needed.
Contact us to acquire a great source to providing therapy to young children.
Full time
Personal Child Care Development Inc. New York, NY, USA
Brooklyn NY based Early Intervention Agency servicing children 0-3 years old in the NYC boros is looking for an EXPERIENCED IN EARLY INTERVENTION Supervisor. Applicant must have worked in a supervisory position in Early Intervention ONLY.  No other experience will be accepted for this position due to NYC regulations.    
Sep 23, 2019