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Your Possible Healthcare Career Options

Despite economic adversity, the health care industry is one of the most consistently in demand jobs today. It is steadily increasing, still continues to grow and is expected to keep on expanding in many years to come. It hires at a rapid pace as well, in fact 8 out of the 20 million rising professions belong to the health care industry. The reason being is that substantially a large percentage of the population in the US is aging and the new generation is procreating.

There are hundreds of functions available in the health care industry and still slated to continue to provide more new career opportunities. It is a career that promises stability and can bring about a secure future for you and your family. Jobs in the health care field, in any level of expertise and education is always available. Not surprisingly, for the next many years to come, the health care field will continually be one of the top industries to consider as career for many people.

Weighing Your Strengths, Weaknesses and Desires healthcare career

With the many opportunities available, you should ultimately consider your goals and passion in the health care field before choosing the right one for you. Like any other careers, it is important that you weigh down your strengths and weaknesses or the kind of environment and set up you would like to work in. For example, you can opt to work in a hospital environment with more benefits and high wages but it entails a round-the-clock rotating jobs and working during holidays is imperative. Or in a private clinic, which is less demanding than a hospital job at 9-5 hour-work day and with holidays off but provides lesser pay.

In a healthcare field, lives could depend exclusively on the quality of your work. Most healthcare jobs demand a great deal of responsibility and maturity. It can demand a lot out of you—physically and emotionally. Although it is extremely rewarding, it can also be very stressful. Patience and strength comes in handy most of the time. Other fields require flexibility, since technology and procedures in health care industry is ever changing with the rise of new treatments and diseases, advancement is a must, so you should keep up to the healthcare’s nature of rapid evolution.

Picking the Right Job for You

Do you want a career that saves lives? Provide patient information? Or do you want a career in an office or pharmacy setting? Depending on your passion and skills, here are some top healthcare career healthcare careersoptions for you:

  1. Health Care Administrator – responsible for the planning, directing, coordination and supervision of a health care institution.

  2. Medical Assistant – assists in patients care management. They update and file the medical records of patients.

  3. Pharmacy Assistant or Technician – works in community or hospital pharmacies, duties include purchasing medicines, taking inventory of it and keeping record and counting tablets, mixing and weighing medications.

  4. Medical Imaging – involves taking x-rays, ultrasound, MRI or CT scans and use technology that involves it.

  5. Massage Therapist – requires a license to practice. Functions include providing patients/clients with full range of massage modalities. They are responsible for relaxing the body by alleviating stress and help circulate blood freely through massage techniques.