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Travel Tips for Seniors





First and foremost, you need to consult your travel agent to make appropriate travel plans. Discus the detinations you are interested in and look out for speacial packages; especially the ones for seniors. Many travel agents spcialize in senior travel, so discusiing options that are best for you should be no issue. Moreover, it is better for you to travel in a group rather than setting out on your global trotting alone.

Inquire about the medical facilities in and around the place you are going to visit as well do your research online about the climate, culture and language. This way youll be more prepared, especially when to comes to packing clothes. Purchasing a guide book will be handy too.

If you are in need of wheelchairs or any other special equipment, it is better to let your tour operator know beforehand. Obtaining travel insurance that will cover exsiting medical conditions will be smart thing to do.



When packing it is important to pack according to the climate, location and activites you are planning to do on your holiday. Pack a jacket even if you are travelling to a tropical country due to unforeseen weather changes. Use a bag that has wheels as it will be more conveninet. Your carry on bag should contain everything you will be needing during the duration of flight. Of course, these things will be limited to what you can carry on the aircraft. you may want to caryy your medication, band aids, painkillers, medical kit etc.

Pack medicines that will cover the days of your trip. Invest on a 'pill box' which is used to fill the pills you will need  to take for the week and each days of the week is indicated with a letter (M for Monaday and so on). You should also cater for unforessen emdergencies. Take your prescriptions with you, as you may be questioned about the large amount of pills you are carrying, also in an emergency you will be able to buy it from there.




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