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Top Ten Reasons to Be a Travel Nurse

If you love to travel and you really want to get the most out of your nursing career than being a travel nurse may be the option you should be considering. As a travel nurse you can expect to be exposed to a world of opportunities that you may never have any other way.  This may be the career step that will change your future.

There are plenty of really good reasons to consider a travel nurse career, here are the top ten!

    1.    The money! Being a travel nurse can mean making a lot of money. While no one should go into nursing for the compensation there is nothing wrong with making money doing what you love to do. There are some areas that are very under strength in nurses that will pay top dollar for your talents.
    2.    Help where you are really needed. If you want to use your skills to help people that really need your help than being a travel nurse is the way to do it. You can be sent to areas that are very short handed on their nursing staff that will really appreciate your skills!
    3.    You can really make a difference. If you went into nursing to make a difference in lives what better way than to go to an under represented area to do it?
    4.    Live in exciting places. If you always wanted to move around but were afraid to take that first step travel nursing can help you to take that first step.
    5.    Options are a plus! One of the best things about travel nursing is that you get to try out different places. If you really do not like where you are working you can switch assignments! It is that easy.
    6.    Free housing! Most of the travel nurse agencies will pay for your housing. They offer long term stay type arrangements in some of the nicest hotels or private housing options. So you make more money and spend less money.
    7.    Avoid the headaches of hospital politics. It is so much easier to do your job when you can focus on patient care and not have to worry about management issues or hospital politics.
    8.    Meet new people. It is a great way to grow your career and network with other professionals. You will make friends and connections that will last a lifetime.
    9.    Flexible scheduling. If you like to have more down time than a regular contract would allow than travel nursing is ideal for you. You can take time off between assignments and do what you want to do.
    10.    Test drive new communities! If you are looking for a new place to settle down travel nursing can help you to preview your potential picks.

If you have a sense of adventure or just want to make great money and focus on building your career with patient focused skills than travel nursing is something that you should consider.