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Top 10 Reasons Why Health Care Jobs Will Continue To Be Recession Proof

There are certain career paths that are recession proof because they are always going to be needed. When people are forced to cut the fat out of their lives to save money, health care is not the thing they cut out. Unfortunately it is also true that when a recession hits the health of the population generally overall starts to decline which would mean that health care actually increases not decrease.

There are ten reason specifically why health care careers will always be recession proof!

   1.    Health care is driven by the population not the economy. Whether people are doing well financially or not they get sick and they need care. The increase in the population has been steady which means that for at least the next 40 years or so health care careers will be warranted careers.
    2.    Health insurance is more accessible now then ever. The economy may still be struggling and will likely struggle again in the future but the health insurance laws have made it mandatory for everyone to have health insurance regardless of their financial situation.
    3.    Health care can not be outsourced. When times get hard in the economy a lot of big business likes to move overseas or outsource the jobs to economies that cost them less to operate. You can not outsource health care.
    4.    People want to feel well. People will always want to feel well, no matter what the economy looks like.
    5.    Skill set is always wanted. There are certain things people just can not do themselves. They may learn how to paint their own house but no one will learn to give themselves stitches or run diagnostic tests on themselves.
    6.    New procedures/technologies mean new health care careers. As medicine improves with the use of technology NEW job fields are opening everyday.
    7.    Laws. The laws are very specific when it comes to health care providers, everyone in the health care field has to have certain skill sets to provide their part of the service. Someone that is well trained is a valuable asset to any hospital or practice.
    8.    It is one of the highest growing fields with the highest number of vacancies across all the job spectrum's. From medical billing to brain surgeons, we just can not seem to get enough. Health care is quickly becoming the largest employer soon to surpass retail as the largest employing field.
    9.    People are living longer. As technology and new treatments keep people alive longer more and more health care specialty fields are opening up.
    10.    Historically health care jobs have seen an increase in hiring and in salaries during some of the greatest recessions through out history. It is a good indicator of what to expect in the future.

Ultimately health care careers have always been a stable bet for the future.