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The Top 10 Health Care Career Fields

Are you ready to go to school? Do you want to enter the health care field? First off that is an excellent choice. Next lets look at what the top health care fields are. There are not too many surprises in the list below but there are some new fields that have cropped up the last few years that are interesting and have huge growth potential.

Health care field careers are recession proof as a matter of fact they are expected to grow by about 22% in 2015 which is roughly 3 million new jobs worldwide! That is an astounding number of new jobs. Choosing the right path can help you to have an exciting career that is secure and has plenty of room to grow.

The Top 10 (Most Needed)

    1.    Registered Nurses- Nursing it seems is always under strength. It is the number one career that is most needed right now (and it has been for the last 7 years). There is a projected need for over 500,000 registered nurses in 2016.  It is projected that by 2018 that number will grow to over 800,000 new RN positions.
    2.    Home Health Aide- Another branch of nursing is the home health aide which typically requires a CNA (certified nursing assistant) license.  The projections for this field are astounding with over a million expected to be hired in 2016.
    3.    Medical Assistant- The medical assistant is primarily concerned with administrative tasks and record keeping. This field is also growing by leaps and bounds and is expected to grow into 2020 with about 300,000 positions opening annually.
    4.    Pharmacy Tech- This position is a very liberal position when it comes to education. There are many pharmacy tech positions that do not require any formal license. Much of the education in this field comes from on the job training.
    5.    Medical Secretary/Transcriptionist- This field is really blooming. The medical secretary/transcriptionist has to have a lot of knowledge about medical procedures and terminology. This is a field that can actually allow you to work from home and contract transcription work.
    6.    Dental Assistant -Dental assistant is the largest growing field in dentistry. They do many things that the dentist use to do like take xrays, gum health care and other activities. It is expected that the need for dental assistants will reach the 50,000 mark in 2014. That is 50,000 unfilled positions.
    7.    Diagnostic Medical Sonnographer- This is a relatively new field but it is a great opportunity for anyone that wants to be a part of diagnosing people but that does not want to spend years in medical school to do it.
    8.    Physicians Assistant- The PA works directly with the patients under the supervision of an MD. This career path is quickly growing and has been growing for the last decade or so. The program is a two year program once the prerequisites are met. The PA is in huge demand and pays a nice salary.
    9.    Radiation Therapists- The radiation therapist works primarily with cancer patients and supervises radiation treatments. As more and more cancer treatment centers have opened there is more and more need for this niche health care career.
    10.    Medical Laboratory Technologists- Working in a lab can open up a world of opportunities. You can be on the cutting edge of discovery everyday. You can work in one of the niches like with robotics or work in a chemical lab but the statistics say you will work with a needed 100,000 new personnel every year for at least the next 5 years there will be plenty of jobs to choose from.

There are other career paths that did not make the top ten but that should be considered as well like:

•    Health Care Administrator- This is the back bone  position of any health care organization. This position is ideal for anyone that is business minded and can get into the nuts and bolts of medicine.
•    Respiratory Therapists- There is a great need for respiratory therapists with the increase of disease like asthma, allergies and COPD. This is a very wanted health care career field in hospitals.
•    Cardiovascular Technologist- There is also a great need for these types of specialists in hospital and specialty treatment centers.

Many of the above career paths require only a certificate program that can be completed in two years! You can easily cement the success of your future by following the career path to any of the fields above. You will have job security, a decent salary and great benefits.  Many of these careers put you right in the mix of direct patient care while others let you take a back seat but still be part of the team!

Most of the career paths also offer tremendous room for professional growth, they can be used as stepping stones.