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Start Your Healthcare Career without a Degree

Rather than searching for a career, making your own is always the best. With this in mind, lots and lots of youngsters have started making their own career these days. If you are one among them and if you want to enter the healthcare field, then this is the right time to start. Wondering how could you do this? Do you think a career in medicine always needs more time and money investments? It’s not so! There are lots of careers through which you can earn without even a college degree. And, the healthcare field is not exceptional of course! You can start your healthcare career without a college degree. Know how here…

According to a survey that was conducted by U.S. News, a total of 38 jobs in the ‘Top 100’ list is belonging to the healthcare field and about two dozen of them don’t require you to have a 4-year degree but an associate’s, post-secondary, state license or on-the-job training is enough. I have a list of such healthcare careers now to share with you. Consider these careers if you want to pursue a healthcare career soon after your high school:

Home Health Aide or Personal Care Aide

A home health aide or personal care aide is a healthcare professional who would help patients in their personal needs, particularly if they are not capable of carrying out their duties on their own. It’s not required to have a formal medical education in order to become a home health aide or personal care aide. What’s required is the on-the-job training which you can obtain under the supervision of a nurse or an aide.

It has been estimated that the job opportunities for home health aides would increase by up to 38% by the year 2024. And, the annual average salary for the home health aides is found to be $21,920. On the other hand, the job opportunities for personal care aides would increase by 26% by the year 2024 with an average annual salary earned by them is about $20,980.

Dental Assistant:

Dental assistants are the healthcare professionals who would help the dentists in performing their duties. These people are required to be present in a dental office in order to make sure that the office runs smoothly and effectively. A typical dental assistant would assist the dentist in almost all tasks like treatment procedures, sterilization, preparing medical equipment and patients, scheduling appointments, and keeping track of medical records. You can become a dental assistant just by obtaining on-the-job training from a dentist and no formal education is required. However, if you can gain some formal post-secondary training from accredited programs, your job prospects will be brighter than your competitors.

It has been estimated that the job opportunities for dental assistants would increase by up to 18% by the year 2024 thereby creating around 58,600 new jobs in the next 8 years. It has been noted that the average annual salary being earned by the dental assistants is around $35,980.