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Rehabilitation Counselor

Rehabilitation Counselors are the healthcare professionals who would help people in coping up with their disabilities of any form and make them live independently. The types of disabilities that are handled by the rehabilitation counselor would include any of the following:

  • Physical

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Developmental

This is one of the several healthcare careers coming under the category of ‘Counseling Healthcare Careers’. Now, let’s see the career roadmap to becoming a ‘Rehabilitation Counselor’ here…

Where would a Rehabilitation Counselor find a Job Placement?

As a rehabilitation counselor, you would find opportunities to work in a variety of settings like:

  • Rehabilitation centers

  • Senior citizen centers

  • Youth guidance organizations

  • Hospitals

  • Physical therapy clinics

  • Assisted living facilities

  • Independent living facilities

  • Nursing homes

  • Social service offices

  • Schools

  • Detention centers

  • Disability centers

  • Unemployment offices

Apart from these, a rehabilitation counselor could also open his/her own private practice.

Job Description:

In a given day, a rehabilitation counselor will have to perform the following tasks:

  • Offering counseling to an individual or a group with a view of helping them adjust to their disabilities

  • Evaluating the following aspects in the clients:

    • Abilities

    • Interests

    • Experiences

    • Skills

    • Health

    • Education

  • Creating a treatment plan for the patients by consulting with doctors or psychologists

  • Arranging for services like medical care, career training, and other things for their clients

  • Helping the employer understand the requirements and abilities of their clients

  • Helping the patients to develop strengths thereby making them adapt to their disabilities

  • Maintaining patient records

  • Monitoring clients’ progress

  • Altering the rehabilitation treatment plans as and when necessary

How to become a Rehabilitation Counselor?

Education Requirements:

In order to get employed in a good healthcare organization as a rehabilitation counselor, you would require a master’s degree in ‘rehabilitation counseling’. You could get admission into this degree program if you have a bachelor’s degree ‘rehabilitation and disability studies’. Today, there are a few universities in the United States to offer dual-degree programs in ‘rehabilitation counseling’. By joining this course, you could earn both your bachelor’s, as well as the master’s degree in about five years.

Obtaining a License:

It has been found that the licensing requirements for rehabilitation counselors are differing from state to state. They also differ according to the type of counseling service that is being provided. Most typically, the licensure would require a rehabilitation counselor to hold a master’s degree plus 2000 to 4000 hours of clinical experience. More details about the licensing can be found on the website of ‘Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification’.

Job Outlook and Opportunities:

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment opportunities for the rehabilitation counselors are estimated to increase by 9% from the year 2014 to 2024.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for the surgical technologists is found to be $34,390 (as of May 2015) per year which equals $16.54 per hour.


Average Annual Pay:  $34,390

Average Hourly Pay: $16.54

Education:  Master’s degree

Employment Growth from 2014 to 2024: 9%

On-the-job training: None

Work Experience: None