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Radiology Helping Cancer Patients Heal

Radiology to treat cancer is often "first-line" after diagnosis. The side-effects tend to be milder than chemo. With radiology helping cancer patients heal, outcomes can be more positive.

Radiation can be a helpful cancer treatment. It kills cancer cells and shrinks tumors. In the process, it can still kill a small amount of healthy tissue. Skilled radiology techs can help to minimize damage using good technique. In this cancer factsheet from it shows how doctors use radiology helping cancer patients heal safely. They only use small amounts of radiation.

In radiology, helping cancer patients heal with radiation takes skill. Techs use a spot that is marked with a tattoo. Radiation is directed only where needed. Treatments are broken up in to pieces to allow the patient recovery time. If you choose a job in radiology helping cancer patients heal, you will need special training.

The techs that work with radiology helping cancer patients heal are as follows:

Radiation Oncologist - A specialist that works with cancer patients to design treatment with radiation.

Dosimetrists - Work with the radiation oncologist to program the machine with the right amount of radiation.

Physicists - Check the machines to make sure they are working properly.

Radiation Therapists - Deliver the actual treatments.

Depending on the job you choose in radiology helping cancer patients heal, you will need a little extra school. After graduation, you will attend advanced radiology classes to learn how to treat cancer patients. The classes are focused on learning how radiation changes the actual DNA of cancer cells. You will also focus on radiation safety. Radiation Oncology nurses will learn patient teaching for cancer patients and help them understand the process.

Working in radiology with cancer patients is a rewarding healthcare career. Patients are appreciative of your dedication. They are also thankful for your hard work. There are some cases that do not heal. More and more cancer patients are able to be cured. It is a growing field for cancer treatment and making an impact on cancer treatment!