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Pharmacy Technician


Pharmacy technicians play an important role in helping licensed pharmacists in preparing and allocating medications that are prescribed by doctors.

Job Description

Pharmacy technicians are able to work in pharmacies that are found in hospitals, drug and grocery stores. You can choose to work full time or part time. Duties of a pharmacy technician include:

  • Preparation of certain medications and ointments

  • Packing and labeling prescriptions

  • Collect necessary information from patients or their physician to correctly fill in a prescription

  • Processing insurance claims and payment procedures

  • Answer phone calls and perform other routine tasks

How to become a Pharmacy Technician


Although, many pharmacy technicians learn through on-the-job training and will only be required to have a high school diploma or equivalent, some others tend to finish a formal education program that will offer a certificate. Such education programs can be found in vocational schools, colleges, etc. The duration of such a formal education program lasts typically up to 1 year or even less and tend to cover a lot of subject area that will be required for a pharmacy technician. This will include arithmetic, record-keeping, dispensing medication methods, pharmacy ethics and the related law. Pharmacy technicians will also have the ability to not only name medications but also know their uses, actions and the correct doses that should be administered. The college or vocational school, you may choose to attend, may also offer an internship program in order to give  hands on experience.


Some employers require certification for employment as a pharmacy technician in their work places. Although, it is not an essential requirement for the job, it makes it far more easier to attain the job in question. Some employers even help the pharmacy technician acquire such certifications. This certification is offered in two organizations namely:-

Job Outlook and Opportunities

Employment growth of such a profession is predicted to increase by 32% from 2010-2020. This figure shows that it is a rate much faster than the average for many occupations out there.


The median annual pay of a typical pharmacy technician is $31,000 as of November 2013. Additionally, the average pay in California is said to be 8% higher giving rise to $33,000 annually.


Median Pay $31,000.00 (as of 2013)
Education High school diploma or equivalent
Number of Jobs, 2010 334,400
Employment Growth from 2010-2020 32.00%
On-the-job training Moderate
Work Experience None


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