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ObamaCare Rising Healthcare Costs

The issues of ObamaCare rising healthcare costs rang in with the New Year 2014. Let's take a look at the in-depth issues, while trying to make sense of all the changes.

Let's face it, ObamaCare has not gone over very well. People are scrambling to insure themselves in order to comply with the policy and not be fined. What they are finding are expensive health care plans that cover less with higher deductibles. A lot of people are asking, "what is ObamaCare anyways?"

What is ObamaCare?

ObamaCare is just a fancy title for "Health Care Reform." What this means is every person is now required to have some form of health insurance to cover their healthcare insurance costs. It also protects people and makes sure that every person has access to affordable health insurance. The questions that are coming up include; is ObamaCare really affordable?, What if I can't afford to pay for health insurance?, What if my employer doesn't offer me insurance?" And other issues that are still being worked out even though The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, has already been signed into law as of March, 2010. This site can give you more information on ObamaCare Policies, Let's take a closer look at ObamaCare rising healthcare costs

ObamaCare: Rising Healthcare Costs

Many people are intimidated by ObamaCare rising healthcare costs. They are asking the question, "what if I can't afford to pay for health insurance?" ObamaCare requires that individuals purchase a personal health insurance policy or face fines. Many people are still trying to recover from the downturn of the economy and having trouble meeting even basic needs. For some, health insurance is just another added expense they just cannot afford. ObamaCare has a Health Insurance Marketplace, where you can shop for affordable plans.

Another question is, "what if my employer doesn't offer me insurance?" The link above can help you find a policy to meet your needs according to your income. The website allows you to put in your income and see if it is high enough to afford an ObamaCare plan. If your income is too low, you may be eligible for state Medi-Caid programs. The Medi-Caid income limits have gone up and this will help many people acquire needed coverage.

ObamaCare rising healthcare costs affect everyone. It is understandable that a lot of people are left scrambling with affording basic needs and now health insurance. There is a flip-side to this dilemma and I will explain that in more detail.

The Flipside Of ObamaCare Rising Healthcare Costs

I in no way take sides whether I am for or against ObamaCare. As a nurse, I have seen the other side. ObamaCare rising healthcare costs has affected healthcare as a whole. The reason healthcare costs have risen, is the simple fact that uninsured people seek healthcare and cannot pay for it. This has clogged emergency rooms who are required to treat everyone regardless of insurance status or ability to pay for care. This cost is passed on to the hospital, the doctors and other patients who are able to pay. It has spiraled out of control. The purpose of ObamaCare rising healthcare costs to people is intended help bring the healthcare system back into balance. What this means is the excess cost of healthcare will be paid for by insurance companies. Hospitals today are stressed with the burden of writing off unpaid bills and unpaid bills mean they can't pay their bills for products and services.

Making Sense Of ObamaCare

It is tough to make sense why ObamaCare rising healthcare costs can help us. Being forced to pay for something we can't afford in today's tough economy just doesn't add up. The fact is, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is now a law and something we are required to do. Fines will be charged for each month a person goes uninsured and over a year can really add up. Use the above links to learn more about ObamaCare and get a quote. There is no obligation to actually apply when you check out the website or receive a quote.