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Nursing Jobs: School Nurse

Nursing Jobs: School Nurse


When looking at the wide variety of nursing jobs school nurse positions are one of the most rewarding. Working with kids in schools gives you greater flexibility for working hours. Plus, you are helping care for children when they are away from their parents. If you land a job working for the school district in your area, so travel and commute time is less. Most places only require an RN degree, while others may require and RN-BSN and Public Health Certification.


Job Description

The school nurse roles have changed in recent years to include a higher level of care for disabled students. While the main nursing jobs: school nurse functions have remained the same such as; taking temperatures, providing ice packs and rest to ill students, many responsibilities have been added. School nurse responsibilities may now include; ventilator care, tube feedings, and developing care plans for disabled students. This is to ensure that each student receives adequate health care during the course of a school day.


Educational Requirements

  • Graduated from an accredited RN Program with an Associates or Bachelor's Degree

  • Valid Nursing License in your state

  • Public Health Nurse Certification (Some school districts)

  • Experience working with children

Job Outlook and Opportunities

Nursing jobs school nurse positions are plenty all over the U.S. With more care being given to disabled students in schools, school nurses are needed to adequately manage care. Regular day students also need care for minor illness and injuries while at school. Since duties have changed, there is one to two school nurses per school district. The population is growing and the number of schools is increasing. School nurses are expected to grow an average of 26% by the year 2020.


The average pay for school nurse positions is $43,856. The average tends to be a little lower because you get the summer off work. Many school nurses go into hospital or registry work during this time, or take the summer off with their kids. Holidays and summer off is probably one of the biggest benefits for this nursing job.



Average Pay:                              $43,856

Education:                                  Associate's Degree or RN-BSN

Job Growth:                               26% by 2020

On-The-Job-Training             Varies by school district requirements

Work Experience                       Varies by school district requirements