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Nursing Jobs: Public Health Nurse

Nursing Jobs: Public Health Nurse


A Public Health Nurse works with communities to address public health issues and provide care to the greater community. Nursing Jobs: Public Health Nurse are plenty. They usually work in public health departments, schools, businesses and correctional facilities. Their first platform is to educate the community about a broad range of health issues like; influenza, childhood illnesses, being overweight and sexually transmitted diseases. They may also visit the homes of children born with disabilities and help areas prepare and deal with natural disasters.

Job Description

  • Assess the health needs of a community

  • Prepare health teaching materials according to needs

  • Home visits within the community to assess and teach

  • Care for children in schools i.e. school nurse

  • Run immunization clinics

  • Train, prepare for and handle natural disaster health needs


  • Graduate an accredited nursing program, Associate of Science Nursing or Bachelor of Science Nursing

  • Have an active RN license in your state

  • Work as a Registered Nurse for 500 hours in the Public Health System

  • Receive a passing score on the Public Health Nurse Exam

Job Outlook

This field is expected to grow 23% between 2012 and 2022. They are supposed to add approximately 74,000 jobs in this field in this time period. There are employment opportunities in many settings within communities.


Pay for a Public Health Nurse averages about $88,580 per year or $42.59 per hour. This is usually for large community health departments, companies and government work. Public Health Nurses that work in schools make less, but reap the advantages of Monday through Friday daytime schedules and holidays off.


Average Pay                                                                $88,580

Education                                                                    Associate of Science, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Public Health Certification

Number of Jobs, 2012                                              315,500

Employment Growth from 2012 to 2022             23%

On-the-job training                                                  500 Hours in Public Health

Work Experience                                                        RN experience preferred