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Nursing Jobs: Case Manager

Nursing Jobs: Case Manager


Case Managers are Registered Nurses working in an administrative role to help coordinate patient care. They help put together long-term care plans prior to a patient's discharge from the hospital. They also work with patients and families to give the patient the best care possible after going home. They work on goal setting and come up with interventions for patients to meet these goals.

They work with outside healthcare agencies such as; home health, hospice, physical therapy, and medical supply companies. This helps the patient meet any medical needs at home. They also work with insurance companies to get the patient approved for services. It is the case managers responsibility to initiate communication between all parties.

The case manager also performs social work and helps the patient find services in the community. They can help put patients in touch with resources for food assistance, health care and financial aid. They can also arrange for transportation to medical appointments. Case managers also provide emotional support and teaching to family caregivers.


  • Graduation from a Registered Nursing Program with an Associate's Degree

  • Active Registered Nurse's License in your state

  • Bachelor's Degree is preferred for this position, but not required

Certification and Training

Job Outlook and Opportunities

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects case management to grow more than 23% in the years 2012 to 2022. Case management is being used more and more in hospitals and out in the community. Healthcare has moved out of the hospital with shorter hospital stays and more patient care being done at home. There will be a need for more case managers out in the community to coordinate home care services.


RN case managers salaries range from $88,580 and $42.59 per hour. Hospitals tend to pay higher salaries and pay is usually decided by qualifications, experience and degree.


Average Pay                                   Median Salary $88,580

Education                                        RN Degree, Associates or Bachelor's

Number of Jobs, 2012                  315,500

Employment Growth from 2012 to 2022       23%

On-the-job training                      Yes

Work Experience                            Yes, as an RN