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Medical Assistant


Medical assistants play a crucial role in both clinical and administrative tasks of a health care facility. They may work in a physician's office, podiatrists clinics, chiropractic clinics and in other renowned health care facilities. Duties of a medical assistant generally differ with location, size and specialty of the place of work.

Job Description

Many medical assistants work full time. Jobs are available in many health care facilities and physician's offices. Some of the tasks undertaken by these assistants are highlighted below:

  • Maintain and take records of medical history, important data, test results of patients etc.

  • Involved in the preparation of treatment rooms. In addition, they may be required to keep such rooms clean and tidy.

  • Interview patients in order to acquire necessary information pertaining to their condition.

  • Assist in the examination room and get patient prepared for physician's examination.

  • Sample collection which may include blood, tissue or other body fluids and specimens.

  • Involved in the preparation as well as administration of prescribed drugs and medications to the patient.

  • They will be required to elucidate certain treatment procedures, medications, diet or other physician's instructions to the patient.

  • Medical instruments and equipment sterilization and proper disposal of contaminated stocks.

  • Perform laboratory tests on collected samples and analyze them.

How to become a Medical Assistant


In many places, a formal education is not required for this career. Most medical assistants have a high school diploma and generally learn through on-the-job-training. Nonetheless, some prefer to obtain a formal education prior to the job. Employers may also prefer candidates who have obtained such an education. Programs are available in various community colleges, universities and vocational colleges. Students who successfully complete their education may obtain a certificate or diploma.


Certification is not a requirement for medical assistants. However, employers may give more preference to candidates who have successfully obtained certification.

Many organizations offer this certification. Applicants should be 18 or above and may be asked to pass an exam or graduate from a certified program. Four main certifications for medical assistants are available through the The National Commission for Certifying Agencies which is a part of the Institute of Credentialing Excellence :-


Job Outlook and Opportunities

Employment growth is expected to increase by 31% from 2010 -2020. This figure indicates that the growth rate is much more quicker in comparison to all other occupations. Physicians will require medical assistants to do customary clinical and administrative duties in order to see more patients and tend to their needs. This will concurrently increase the demand for such an occupation.


The median expected pay for a typical assistant in the U.S is $31,720 (Statistics obtained from HR reported data as of October 2013). 


Median Pay $31,720.00
Education High school diploma or equivalent
Number of Jobs, 2010 527600
Employment Growth from 2010-2020 31.00%
On-the-job training Moderate
Work Experience None



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