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Many Types of Nurses For Many Nursing Jobs



There are many types of nurses for many nursing jobs. This gives more options than ever for people today who want to work in the nursing field. You can choose from a number of degree options, vocational certification, and on the job training for this exciting and rewarding career! Let's take a look at the many types of nurses for many nursing jobs.

The Many Types of Nurses For Many Nursing Jobs

People often think that the only type of nurse is a registered nurse or R.N. There are actually a few different types of nurses, some above an R.N. in rank and some below. When looking for nursing jobs and deciding on a career path for your education, consider the following types of nurses:

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)

These are the nurses who have gone on to get their Masters Degree in nursing. You can do nursing jobs in a number of areas where you work hand in hand, side by side with doctors to deliver quality patient care. With your Masters Degree in nursing you can pursue these types of nursing jobs USA:

Nurse Practitioner or Family Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is an advanced practice registered nurse that works along side doctors and can diagnose and treat minor illnesses. They can write a limited amount of prescriptions and order limited treatments that are "non-invasive." They can work in doctors offices, clinics, emergency rooms and wound care clinics.

Clinical Nurse Specialist

These nurses work in an actual specialty to coordinate a patients care from beginning to end. For example; Surgical CNS nurses work with the Operating Room, Post Anesthesia Care and Surgeons to prepare patients for surgery and coordinate post-op care. They are with the patients every step of the way through surgery and ensure that proper care is delivered at all times with regards to antibiotic use, pain control, catheterization, etc. They have to have strong coordination skills working with many departments.

Certified Nurse Midwife

These nurses provide all prenatal care, delivery of babies and aftercare to new mothers. They manage low risk pregnancies independently and higher risk pregnancies they can work with physicians to help manage care. They emphasize natural birthing techniques and holistic care for mothers and newborns. They attend home births and births in free standing birthing centers.

Certified Nurse Anesthetist

This Registered Nurse has gone through extensive additional schooling and training to administer anesthesia. They usually work in minor outpatient surgeries, dental clinics and medical offices to provide conscious sedation, mild general anesthesia, and pain control before, during and after surgery.

Bachelor of Science Nursing

Registered Nurse, BSN

This is a registered nurse that has gone to school for a four years Bachelor of Science Degree. They work in more of the administrative end of nursing, nursing supervision, case management or for insurance companies. While they still work on the floor in patient care settings, they tend to take on more of a leadership role. An RN, BSN may also teach nursing school.

Associates Degree Nursing

Registered Nurse

This is a regular registered nurse that has gone through a two year Associates Degree program. They work in all aspects of hospital nursing care, home health care, hospice, doctors offices, and wound clinics. From communicating with doctors, administering treatments and medications they are responsible for delivering patient care that the doctor orders. They may supervise other nurses and nurses aides and oversee daily needs of hospitalized patients. They are also responsible for patient teaching.

Vocational Nursing

Licensed Vocational Nurse/Practical Nurse

One of the easiest to get nursing jobs is Licensed Vocational/Practical Nurse. The training only requires a few months classroom time and clinical hours on the floor. The total time is from 13 to 18 months, which sometimes is easier and more convenient for those who need to get working fast. LVN/LPN's can also take a quick bridge program to become an RN in less than two years.


As you can see there are many different types of nurses for many nursing jobs to choose from. Depending on how much time you have to devote to education you can be a nurse in as little as a year or go on to study for your Masters in less than eight. No matter what you choose, nursing is a rewarding and satisfying career!