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Making Nursing Jobs Easier With Apps

Making Nursing Jobs Easier With Apps

Your smartphone is probably your best friend in nursing. You can download applications for medications, drug interactions, medical dictionary and the dreaded Care Plans. Since nursing school, you have probably been terrified of care plans. They require a lot of thought in order to make sure that you communicate and perform all the interventions necessary to keep your patient comfortable. There are a number of nursing jobs that require nurses to be independent with making care plans on admission and updating them on a regular basis. This is because patients conditions change from day to day. Nurses change shifts and continuity of care is important.

Drug handbook applications can help you check for drug/drug interactions, drug reactions and how a medication should be given. When you don't know your patient, a drug handbook can really help you with first time medications and what to watch for. You may also need to calculate an IV drip rate for a new medication on the market. There are convenient apps that calculate drip rates with only a few clicks. Time is of the essence when a patient needs a medication on board "stat" and you're nowhere near a calculator. Accuracy is important, especially if you are working in the neonatal or pediatrics units.


Care Plan Applications

Nursing Care Plans 2014 by Anna Chan (Free) iPhone/iPad

Over 100 care plans with nursing diagnosis, interventions, rationales, and outcomes.

Nursing Diagnosis Handbook by Ackley (Free) iPhone/iPad

200 sample care plans with over 1,300 symptoms.

Nursing Care Plans NDA ($1.99) Android/Google Play

Over 500 care plans, interventions, rationales, and outcomes made for Android smartphones.

Drug Handbooks For Mobile

Nursing Drug Handbook by Lippincott (Free) Android/iPhone

27 Free sample drugs and then you buy InApp to unlock over 1,000 generic medications and 2,300 trade drugs.

References For Nurses (Lab Values, Medical Dictionary, ICD-9 Codes)

Epocrates by Epocrates (Free) iPhone/iPad/Android

This application takes care of most nursing reference needs all-in-one. Includes a drug reference, laboratory values, etc. Free in iTunes.


Technology is indeed making nursing jobs easier with apps to cover a lot of reference needs. From drugs to care plans, nurses have the ease of finding the info they need right at their fingertips. The apps above are just a small example of the many apps on the market dedicated to patient care. Some hospitals are even providing medical care staff with handheld devices to download apps and carry to the bedside. This can be in the form of iPads, Tablets and Smartphones. There are even apps capable of downloading EMR (Electronic Medical Records) for specific patients.