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Looking for Healthcare Career Options with Lower Stress Levels? Read this….

When people think about pursuing a career in healthcare, the first thing that would strike their minds will be the stress and longer working hours. Although this is true with most of the healthcare jobs, there are some stress-free options in this field too! What are they? Continue reading to know them….


Although the job outlook for pharmacists is not as good as other healthcare jobs, I have included this in the list because of the overall stress score. In general, an average pharmacist would have a stress level of 15 out of 100 which is really good in the healthcare sector. If you are looking for a healthcare career with average earnings and least stress, this could be the best option. As a pharmacist, your role will be to fulfill medications and to advise on the correct usage of therapeutic drugs.


The stress level of chiropractors is found to be 13.50 out of 100 and this is the reason why I included this option in this list. As a chiropractor, you would treat patients suffering from neuromusculoskeletal issues. In addition, you may have to develop some rehabilitation treatment strategies. This practice is seemed to be growing continuously in the United States and Canada and therefore, this would be a good career option for anyone who seeks a stress-free healthcare career option. Most of the chiropractors will have their own office and will work during normal working hours.

Dental Hygienist:

The average stress level of dental hygienists is 12.089 which is attributed for the comfortable and quiet work settings. A dental hygienist will be the first person to meet in almost all the dental practices whose major role is to support the dentist. He/she would assist the dentist in patient care and in the proper caring of surgical instruments. In addition, he/she may involve in office management too! It is to be noted that there is a good potential for growth in this field. Most of the dental hygienists are seemed to be enjoying a decent pay scale at present!


The dietitians are found to have an average stress level of 10.27. This career option is becoming more popular among the younger generation due to its higher pay scale and lower stress levels. As a dietitian, you will create diet charts for patients. But, your role doesn’t stop with this alone. You will have a huge responsibility of making the people understand the advantages of a balanced diet. But, I would say that this particular area is wide open to people who wish to help others in their management of health and in controlling diseases through foods.

Medical Record Technician:

The field with the stress level of just 7.52 is expanding as the healthcare grows. A medical record technician will be the chief organizer in the management of health information of patients. The medical records technicians will have the advantage of working in comfortable work settings where they will often communicate with caregivers and other healthcare professionals. This field is expected to grow well in the near future