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Look at the In-Demand Healthcare Aide/Assistant Jobs

Each and every one of us is aware that the healthcare industry is on the rise and that the job market in the field is growing rapidly in spite of the slow growth that is witnessed in the economy. It has been estimated the need for healthcare professionals would increase by more than 30% over the next 10 years. Although not everyone can become a physician, there are chances for all to enter into the healthcare field by choosing to become a healthcare aide or assistant. The number of job openings for healthcare aides/assistants is found to be increasing consistently. Do you know in-demand jobs for healthcare aides/assistants? Know them here right now…

Dental Assistant:

A dental assistant is the healthcare professional who would assist the dental operators in various tasks. The duties and responsibilities would vary from state to another and most typically, the tasks performed by a dental assistant would include preparation of patients and instruments for treatment. The reason I included this job opportunity in this list is because of the estimated job opportunities for dental assistant. According to the U.S., the number of job openings will be around 58,600 by the year 2024.

Median annual wage for dental assistants: $35,980 (as of May 2015)

Occupational Therapy Aide/Assistant:

As the job title suggests, an occupational therapy aide would work with the occupational therapists and help them in their tasks. In reality, the occupational therapist aides/assistants will not offer medical services to the patients but they would help in preparing medical equipment, performing clerical and paper works. The U.S. has estimated that there will be around 16,800 job openings for occupational therapy aides/assistants by the year 2024.

Median annual wage for occupational therapy aides/assistants: $54,520 (as of May 2015)

Physical Therapist Assistant/Aide:

A physical therapist assistant/aide would work under the supervision of a physical therapist and would provide a helping hand to the patients in their physical therapy. While the major role of a physical therapist assistant/aide is to help patients in performing their exercises, he/she would also document the patients’ progress. The number of job openings for physical therapist assistant/aide would be around 51,400 by the year 2024, as predicted by the U.S.

Median annual wage for physical therapist aides/assistants: $42,980 (as of May 2015)

Physician Assistant:

A physician assistant is a healthcare professional who would work under the supervision of a physician and help him/her in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases/illnesses. The physician assistants are different from the medical assistants who won’t practice medicine. In some rural areas where there are no physicians, these people would be the primary care providers. These professionals would often consult with physicians and other healthcare professionals in the steps of diagnosis and treatment. According to the U.S., the number of job openings for physician assistants is projected to increase by 28,700 by the year 2024.

Median annual wage for physician assistants: $98,180 (as of May 2015)

While the aforementioned healthcare careers are in high demand, you can also consider the following healthcare careers for aides and assistants as they are also growing at a faster rate:

  • Pharmacy Aides

  • Home Health Aides

  • Personal Care Aides