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List of Top Work-from-Home Healthcare Jobs

Do you think you can’t take a healthcare job being at home? Well, then you are absolutely wrong! Today, there are several work-from-home healthcare jobs available for the qualified people. Also, you can witness that the technology in this field is growing stronger and bigger day-by-day as a result of which the number of virtual healthcare jobs is expected to increase by about 20% in the next 10 years. Here is a list of top work-from-home healthcare jobs for your reference:

Medical Review Specialist:

As a medical review specialist, you will spend most of your day answering your customer service inquiries. In addition, you may have to assist in the process of identifying issues in the systems used for coding reviews. Therefore, a medical review specialist must have a good knowledge about computers. Also, you need to showcase high-quality customer service practices in order to succeed in your career.

Telephone Triage Nurse:

As a telephone triage nurse, you will answer healthcare questions over the phone. This can’t be done without any assessments. Therefore, you need to assess the health condition of the patients, as well as concerns, without being able to meet them. We could say that the telephone triage nurses are relying greatly on their skills to communicate effectively with their patients. Then, they need to correlate the information gathered with the diseases, growth, development, and much more.

Medical Writer:

I would suggest you to take up this healthcare career if and only if you have excellent writing skills. But, once you have taken it, it would be the most promising work-from-home healthcare job. Being a medical writer, you will work on various documents from your home. There are different levels in this healthcare career which are namely,

  • Junior level

  • Intermediate level

  • Senior level

  • Principal level

The junior and intermediate level writers will write on various healthcare topics whereas the senior and principal writers will write or edit regulatory healthcare documents.

Case Manager:

In order to become a case manager, you need to have the qualifications of a registered nurse. As a case manager, you will work with medical doctors and patients to make sure that proper healthcare services are given to the patients. In addition, a case manager may also monitor and evaluate healthcare to make sure that appropriate service is given. Furthermore, the case managers may also need to work with the family members of the patients.

Telephonic Interviewer:

As a telephonic interviewer, you need to conduct interviews with individuals over the phone for collecting and documenting information concerning a particular subject matter. A telephonic interviewer must be able to type fast. Being a telephonic interviewer, you may need to work during nights and weekends.

Medical Transcription:

The medical transcription jobs will require transcribing medical records. These may include one or more of the following:

  • Patient history

  • Psychiatric tests

  • Physical reports

  • Clinic notes

  • Operative reports

  • Discharge reports

  • Prescription history

A career in medical transcription would require fast typing skills and fluency in medical jargons.