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List of Counseling Healthcare Careers

It’s accepted worldwide that there is a strong link between your psychological and physical behavior. This makes it important to take care of your psychological behavior in order to maintain your physical wellbeing. In order to establish this thing among the people, there are several healthcare careers on the rise today which can be collectively called as ‘Counseling Healthcare Careers’. How could it be if you have had a chance to pursue a career in such an interesting field? It would be great, right? Now, know the types of counseling healthcare careers here to determine which career is best suited for you…

Rehabilitation Counselor:

These healthcare professionals would assist the patients in handling various problems affecting their day-to-day activities. This could be anything of which the following issues are most commonly handled by the rehabilitation counselors:

  • Drugs

  • Stress

  • Mental disorder

  • Physical disabilities

In addition to recovering of patients from their issues and bringing back to their normal life, these professionals would also help patients in securing a job. As a rehabilitation counselor, you may find a job in a variety of work settings like drug rehabilitation centers, senior care centers, youth organizations, and so on.

Genetic Counselor:

This is a relatively new field that is rapidly expanding. As a genetic counselor, you would work with patients and help them identify the likeliness of getting genetic disorders. The genetic counselors are in high demand among the couples who are expecting a baby. It is to be noted that the service of a genetic counselor would not stop only with the determination of the risk of genetic diseases but you would also need to help the patients and their families in adapting to the genetic disorders. Today, you can find several job openings for genetic counselors in various healthcare organizations like government agencies, hospitals, advocacy organizations, and so on.

Occupational Therapist:

These healthcare professionals would help patients in regaining their skills for carrying out their day-to-day activities after the events like an accident, a stroke, or others. More often, occupational therapists will have a major role to play in senior care and therefore, this would be an ideal career choice if you love working with elderly people. However, it is noted that you would not only assist the patients with physical abilities but you would also assist them in their emotional well-being too! For this career again, your work setting will include rehabilitation centers or other healthcare organizations.


These people would make of their knowledge of psychology to understand how the human brain would work and treat patients who are suffering from the conditions like depression, anxiety, and other mental problems that are leading to the physical symptoms. As a skilled psychotherapist, you will find the connection between the mental disorders and physical symptoms thereby helping the patients handle the condition.

Apart from these major counseling healthcare careers, there are some other similar jobs in the healthcare field. Good examples of which are allergist and music therapist.