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Importance of Exercise for Seniors

The importance of exercise is nothing new. Like most people, you would have heard about the benefits of exercise and how it improves the quality of life. But, for seniors? Is that safe? Most definitely. Older people can benefit immensely, which is a proven fact. As you age it becomes vital for you to have an active lifestyle.

Exercise is the key to healthy aging where it benefits both your mind (mental) and body (physical). Lets look at how it can 'spice' up your life.

Physical Health Benefits of Exercise

One of the main physical health benefit rendered by older adults is the loss of weight. It also help seniors to maintain a particular weight which is not an easy feat as aging slows down metabolism. Therefore, incorporate exercise into your schedule. It will help increase metabolism, muscle mass and allow you to burn calories.

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Regular physical exercise is also known to have a significant impact on diseases and chronic illnesses, which your parent or a loved one may have. Some of the conditions that can improve through exercise include:-

  • Immune System- Exercise improves immune function which will help fight off and ward off infection more rapidly and easily.

  • Cardiovascular function- Regular exercise will lower high blood pressure and the risk of heart diseases.

  • Bone Density/Bone mass- Exercise protects loss in bone mass. This will lower the risk of osteoporosis, falling and broken bones.

  • Digestion- Exercise will bring about better digestion and elimination of waste.

  • Diabetes- This condition is strongly linked to obesity and being overweight. Aerobic exercises and strength training can help control the blood glucose levels. It is advisable to have a personalized program with a trainer.

  • Chronic Conditions- Exercise has proven to be very beneficial for older patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease, obesity, colon cancer, etc

A regular exercise program for older adults can also increase mobility, balance and flexibility.

Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

There are many mental health benefits you can acquire. It can improve your sleep, as poor sleep is one of the consequences of aging. Therefore, physically activities can improve the quality of your sleep by allowing you to sleep more quickly as well as more deeply.

Exercise is known to manage stress levels and mood swings. In addition to that, it can  also reduce depression, maintain cognitive function and improve brain function. Keeping your brain healthy can reduce the risk of memory loss and dementia.


Being physically active will allow you to stay strong and fit to challenge the difficulties that you may face. It will make you more independent. Regular exercise will lead to better health and well being.