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How To Go To School Tuition Free for Your Health Care Career!

Traditionally higher education has been viewed as something that might be out of reach for many people but there is a way to get a great education without any out of pocket expense in the health care career field.

If you know where to look to find FREE tuition or tuition reimbursement you can easily get the education you need to have a career in health care that you always dreamed of.  You may have to take a few extra steps in life to get your tuition free education but ultimately it will be worth it.

Far too many students leave school with a ton of debt because they are forced to take student loans. If you can get a debt free education than you should take it!

The Military

While joining the military is not everyone's cup of tea it can help you to get a completely free health care field education. You can actually go to medical school in the military without any expense AND get paid a salary while you are at it.

Of course you also have to agree to serve X amount of years after you finish school but when you think about a completely free education AND a salaried one at that, it does make this deal very attractive. You can get free education in a host of health care careers when you join up.

If you have no other way to pay for school this may be the way. If you decide to join up but you do not want to have to go to school AND give up X amount of years afterwards you can enlist for one tour than enjoy the benefits of the very generous GI bill that covers all tuition and books AFTER your tour when you rejoin the civilian world.

Grants and Scholarships from NIH

The National Institute of Health offers grants and scholarships to under represented areas of the health care field. The grants and scholarships change based on need. For example if there are not enough xray technicians or ultrasound techs you can apply for FREE schooling in these areas.

There are other federal government, state and local government programs that can help you to get a free health care education. All you have to do to find them is use the internet to do a search. Many local programs are offered by community outreach centers and public health centers.  Almost all of the government sponsored programs are for health care fields that are under strength.

Have Someone Else Pay

Many hospitals both private and public will pay for you to further your education. The trick is to get your foot in the door.  If you can afford the most minimal education in your field of choice and start at the hospital on the bottom rung in that field they will likely offer tuition assistance to further your certifications and continue your education.

For example since nurses are always a shortage health care field career if you take the CNA courses at your local community college and start working at the hospital nearest you that offers this type of program they will provide tuition assistance for you to become an RN.

The Catch

Finding programs for tuition free health care field education is not as hard as you think it would be as a matter of fact finding the programs are easy the hard part is agreeing to the obligation. No entity is willing to pay for an education for someone that is not going to stick around.

Typically you are accepting tuition help with some caveat that you have to carry out. The caveat is usually an agreement that you will work for the organization that is paying your tuition for X amount of years.

It is actually a win win situation though because you NEED a job once you are finished with school and your certification and the organization needs your specific career field. You will likely have to sign an agreement and can be held legally responsible for the tuition money that was paid if you do not uphold your end of the deal so do be sure that this is something you want and that you will follow through.

There may also be a caveat concerning your grades and how it ties to the tuition assistance. Make sure you read the entire agreement before signing.


Free is always good! If you have to promise away some of your time to get someone else to pay for your education it is a good deal. Any time you do not have to pay out of pocket or take a loan to get an education you can not go wrong. If you can find the opportunity at any of the above offerings take it. It will be worth it!