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Hiring Best Talent USA in Healthcare

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Hiring Best Talent USA In Healthcare

In Healthcare, hiring best talent USA  in healthcare is of utmost importance to quality patient care. Patients seeking care in your facility need to receive prompt and knowledgeable attention from the time they walk through the door until they are discharged from your facility. The only way to accomplish this is to hire the best talent to fill your positions.

Hiring the best employees is very challenging in the healthcare industry. The hiring process for medical facilities can be a timely process and you want to fill any open positions without compromising patient care standards. Healthcare regulations are another challenge that can slow down the process. You need to meet any regulatory requirements including; background checks, drug and alcohol testing, physical examinations and immunizations. Those take precious time, so the rest of the process can be streamlined with these few tips:

  • Have a complete application packet. One way to streamline the hiring process for healthcare talent is to give a complete application packet. Include forms for reference checks and background checks for your applicant to sign the releases at the time of application. This way you can start required checks as soon as you receive the application.

  • Make and initial phone call to get to know good candidates. If you see an application or resume that catches your eye, make a quick phone call and have a list of questions ready. Keep the list short and use this time as a quick “getting to know you” session.

  • Testing is an integral part of healthcare recruiting. Prior to an interview appointment, have a testing process for certain very important elements including; Basic English and math skills, critical thinking, behavioral and basic patient care according to the discipline. A better way to incorporate this extra step is to have the applicant come in the same day of interview and complete testing.

  • Use a group interview setting. This helps you to see the applicant’s communication skills with others. First interviews might include 3 or 4 applicants in the room meeting with administrative staff. This way you can tell the stronger applicants apart from those with weaker team skills.

  • Invite new graduates to “job shadow.” One positive program is to have new graduates job shadow in certain disciplines. For example, a new radiology technician might join a hospital program to watch a day at work in the radiology department. Keep in mind this may require background checking and the applicant may not do any “hands on” work until the time of certification by the state and hiring process is complete.


Spending a little time using the above tips can help you with hiring the best healthcare talent in as little time as possible. This will help you build an effective team to give the best patient care possible.