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High-Paying Healthcare Careers Possible with Bachelor’s Degree

Do you have a passion for healthcare? Do you think it’s not possible for you to earn more from a healthcare bachelor’s degree? Then, you are absolutely wrong! Fortunately, you have some high-paying healthcare careers that are possible only with your Bachelor’s degree. So, if you cannot afford for master’s degree in healthcare, don’t worry, just pursue your passion. Here, I have come with the list of high-paying healthcare careers that are possible only with a Bachelor’s degree. Continue reading…

Medical Perfusionist:

Medical perfusionists are the healthcare professionals who can be found working in surgery units operating the bypass and other machines. In simple terms, they are the persons who would operate the machines that could temporarily control the patients’ circulatory and respiratory functions. A medical perfusionist will be certified by the ‘American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion’. In order to obtain the certificate, you need to pass an exam and some clinical evaluations. The average annual pay for the medical perfusionists is found to be $93,500.

Clinical Trial Manager:

Clinical trial managers are the healthcare professionals who are responsible for monitoring the clinical trials and making sure that the trials are adhering to the FDA regulations and clinical trial protocols. In other words, a clinical trial manager will be called as ‘Clinical Research Manager’. In order to become a clinical trial manager, you need a bachelor’s degree plus a certificate in clinical research. The average annual pay for the clinical trials managers is found to be 92,600.

Healthcare Product Manager:

Healthcare product managers are the people who would manage the healthcare products like drugs. In addition, the healthcare product managers will be coordinating the product development to marketing. In order to become a healthcare product manager, you would need a bachelor’s degree in business administration or marketing. Otherwise, you would need a healthcare-related bachelor’s degree plus relevant industry experience. The average annual pay for the healthcare product managers is $87,800.

Transplant Coordinator:

Transplant coordinators are the healthcare professionals who would involve in several steps during an organ transplant. They would involve in everything from the analysis of pre-transplant workups to the post-surgical care. In order to become a transplant coordinator, you will need a health-related bachelor’s degree and in some cases, registered nurses will act as a transplant coordinator. The average annual pay for transplant coordinators is found to be $76,400.

Radiology Imaging Director:

Radiographers are the healthcare professionals who use various diagnostic imaging techniques like X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, and others to evaluate the patients. As a radiology director, you will be responsible for these imaging programs. In addition, you will monitor the professional standards and make sure that they are achieved and maintained. The average annual pay for the radiology imaging directors is $76,400.

Thus, there are various healthcare careers through which you earn good and here are the top 5 examples for the same. The only thing you need is the love for your career and passion of pursuing a career in this evergreen field. With these, you can make your medical dream come true with low investments.