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Healthcare Administrator:


Healthcare Administrator is one who organizes and manages the medical companies/practices, training programs as well as government agencies. He/she will be responsible for keeping the symbiotic infrastructure to run in a smoother way. The healthcare administrators are the leaders of the organization they helm. They would oversee the clinical units, departments or the entire hospital.

Job Description:

The responsibilities of healthcare administrator would include the following:

  • Managing personnel and facility practices as per the distinct set of policies and procedures that were established by trustees.

  • Keeping abreast the new laws and regulations in the healthcare industry along with the advances in the field.

  • Representing the organization at the investor meetings and on governing boards.

  • Keeping the gears of the organization up and running.

  • Supervising of the assistant administrators.

  • Handling the financial processes.

  • Reporting to U.S. Department of Labor.

How to Become Healthcare Administrator?

Educational Requirements:

In order to become healthcare administrator, one must gain at least a four year bachelor’s degree in public health/health services/health administration. One could also opt for pursing a master’s or doctorate degree in the following domains:

  • Health services

  • Long-term care administration

  • Public Health

  • Public Administration

  • Business administration

The master’s or doctorate degree may be necessary for acquiring the job at larger facilities. These may also be necessary in order to acquire executive positions which are high on the administrative ladder. The curriculum of these courses would include subjects that are specific to healthcare administration. All the prospective hospital administration students must check the accreditation status of their program at ‘Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education’. This is required to make sure that they are receiving an education that is meeting up with the predetermined standards in quality.

Certification and Training:

In order to increase the chance of getting recruited by the reputed healthcare organizations, one can consider choosing any program that is certified by the ‘Association of University Programs in Healthcare Administration’.

One can also look out for the position of administrative assistant intern in a hospital, clinic or any other healthcare organization. The type of internship you choose will give the necessary experience for seeking the entry-level job. One can also work as a volunteer for just few hours in a week which will allow the person to gain valuable experience.

On-the-job training that will be more specific to a healthcare organization could be provided by the outgoing administrator or by an experienced associate.

Job Outlook and Opportunities:

The job market for healthcare administrators is estimated to increase by about 23% from the year 2012 to 2022. It is to be noted that the ever-changing landscape of this industry demands several hospitals to streamline the roles and responsibilities in order to cut costs. The healthcare administrators who were involved in managing one department might be charged for several. Hence, the healthcare administrators who are cross-trained are the ones who can thrive successfully in this industry.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of United States Department of Labor, the average annual pay for a healthcare administrator is $88,580 per year and is $42.49 per hour.


Average Pay                                        :           $88,580

Education                                            :           Health Services

Number of Jobs, 2012                         :           315,500

Employment Growth from 2012 to 2022         :           23%

On-the-job training                              :           Some

Work Experience                                 :           None