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Health Care Field Options

You cannot go wrong with a job in the health care field industry. People will always need health care however needs change so you want to give your health care field career options some thought.

There are plenty of jobs in the health care industry that never actually put you in contact with the patient so if patient care is not something you are interested in you can still opt for a career in the health field.

Patient Care – 2 Years of School

If you want to work directly with patients than the sky is the limit for you. You can go to school for about two years and graduate and start your career off making $60K a year if you choose the field that you enter wisely.

There are many community colleges and technical schools that charge a fraction of the cost for tuition that can help you to earn a degree or a certificate in a chosen field.

High tech is big business in health care right now and will likely continue to be big business. Imaging, ultrasound and other specialty testing requires highly skilled technicians. These positions require that you work directly with the patient and interpret the results but they only require about 2 years in higher education.

Other fields that will put you right in line with patient care that requires a minimal period of schooling include:

  • CAN

  • Medical Assistant

  • Phlebotomist

  • Physical Therapy Assistant

  • LPN-License Practical Nurse

  • Physician’s Assistant

There are other academic career paths that you can follow that will help you to find a career that you love even if you do not have a lot of time to devout to school.

Patient Care-4 Years (plus in some cases) of School

If you are willing to put in the time at school you can find a litany of health care careers that will be very rewarding. You can be:

  • Doctor

  • Physical Therapist

  • Nurse Practitioner

  • Dentist

  • Pharmacist

  • Optometrist

There is a long list of health care careers that start with 4 years of higher education that work by providing direct patient care some of the career paths start with 4 years of higher education but take a total of 8 years or more depending on the specialty field.

It is well worth the time investment.

No Patient Care

Maybe working with patients is not something that you are interested in doing. You should consider:

  • Medical billing

  • Lab work

  • Hospital administration

You do not have to work directly in patient care to take advantage of this constantly growing field. You can work on the back end of things. You can work on equipment maintenance and other behind the curtain things that will make you a valuable part of the medical community without having to provide patient care one on one.

Why Choose a Career In Health Care?

Health care field careers are lucrative. They pay well. In many states your licensure will transfer because or reciprocity agreements which means that you have the freedom to move around.

The field is constantly growing and there are plenty of opportunities to further your career and your education at the expense of the hospital or group that you work for.

Health care career jobs are always in demand. All you have to do is skim any classified section on or off line to see how many jobs there are available.

The compensation is always competitive for the top candidates. There is also a lot of community based scholarship opportunities available to help with the cost of school.

Job security is also a big factor when it comes to choosing a health care field career. These jobs are so warranted and typically in great demand that job security even in the worst economy is almost always guaranteed.

While the unemployment rate was reaching record highs the health care industry was actively hiring. It is all about supply and demand. As the largest generation ever is aging the demand for health care is increasing by leaps and bounds. Someone has to fill the need. Is that someone you?