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Job Listing Tips For Employers


As a prospective employer, you will want to find quality help in as little time as possible. Filling a position can be tricky, and we are here to help you find the perfect candidate. Our employer features are here to make your job easier. Use the following  job listing tips to help you create great job listings, screen potential employees and fill those positions quickly.

  1. Keywords Are A KeyIn today’s internet world, it is all about keywords. When the internet searches it looks for keywords that a person has entered into a search bar. Depending on what your job posting is for, make sure you use the appropriate keywords. Ask candidates in screening emails or calls which words they used to search for your position and how they heard about you.

  2. Description Of The Job Make sure you outline the position, duties, requirements, a little about your company and any benefits. You can discuss a range for the salary, this does increase replies. The more details you give the higher chance you have of getting replies to your posting.

  3. Make Your Posting Simple To Read Just like you like a quick and short resume, candidates like a quick and easy to read job posting. Candidates may be reading several different job postings and you want yours to catch their eye.

  4. Expand Your LocationMake sure you give a wide range for travel. You may find a good quality candidate that is willing to commute.

  5. Use Our Online Screening Questionnaire – You can design your own screening questionnaire to screen for the best potential employees. This will save you time and money only looking at the very best applicants for your position.

  6. Use Multiple Categories Try placing your job posting in as many categories that fit the job description. For example; you might try posting a nursing supervisor position under administration and nursing. This will help reach the maximum number of potential candidates.

  7. Make Titles Clear – Include both abbreviations and spelled out titles in your posting. Write out Licensed Practical Nurse and include LPN somewhere in your posting. This helps boost the keywords in your posting. Some people may search for RN and some may search for registered nurse. Others include; physical therapist (PT), Physical therapy, registered nursing, registered dietician (RD), etc.

  8. Use The Email Feature – You can get to know potential candidates with our easy to use email feature. Your private email address is not disclosed so you can get to know candidates and screen them even further.

  9. Get Your “Brand” Out In The OpenUsing your hospital or company logo attracts more high level candidates. Just like candidates will attempt to “sell” themselves to you, you need to “sell” your company to them. Make it as attractive as possible to get your position filled quickly.

  10. Look At Your ListingTaking a look at your listing can help you see what your candidates are going to see when they arrive at it. First impressions are everything. Make sure it is descriptive and clear with your brand in the beginning and company description at the end.

Using these tips can help you find the right person for your job with ease. We also offer a “featured jobs” product that can highlight your listing and get it to the top of the searches. This way the best talent for your job will see you first and those applications will start to roll in quickly.