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Great Nursing Jobs For Moms

Great Nursing Jobs For Moms

Great nursing jobs for moms are shifts that allow you to work as a nurse and be there for your kids. 12 hour shifts can really start to wear down on a family. With small children there is a need for daycare, transportation to school and help with homework. Many mom's have to resort to a full-time nanny just to go to work. There comes a time when many mom's resort to working less hours. There are some great nursing jobs for moms that can have you home more and still have your dream career.

School Nursing

There are a number of moms who are nurses that work for the school district. You can apply directly with the district and maybe even work at the school your kids go to. You will need to apply, have a background check and possibly get public health certification. This is one of the great nursing jobs for moms because you only work when your kids are in school and get the same holidays off with them.

Home Health Care

Most home health care shifts are 8 hours or even less. Private duty nursing is usually an eight hour shift and you can work mornings, evenings or nights while your kids sleep. Visiting nurses that do wound care, teaching and IV care can schedule as many or little patients in a day that they want to visit. You can go to work after your kids go to school and be home just as they get out of school. This gives you the freedom to do what you need to do for your kids.

Company Nurse

Some companies have a first aid station that employs a nurse for employee health. You would only work the shifts that employees are in the building. Things you might do are; employee physicals, immunizations, basic first aid and dispense over-the-counter medications.

Clinic Nurse

There are urgent care clinics popping up in malls and stores. These clinics employ a Physician Assistant and nurses that provide care for basic illnesses after hours or all day on a walk in basis. The hours for this job would only be during the day or evening with shorter shifts and flexible schedules.

Registry Nurse

A nursing registry is another one of the great nursing jobs for moms. You can pick and choose when you want to work, where you want to work and the shifts that work best for you. You sign up with a registry and go through a hiring process. They do a comprehensive skills assessment and send you to the places that would work best for you. These are temporary assignments for nurses.

Insurance Company Nurse Reviewer

This is an "office job" for nurses. You don't do any patient care. You wear regular clothing to work. You work days Monday through Friday in an office. For nurses who may be "burned out" from patient care, scrubs and long hours this job works out great. You can drop your kids off at school, have them go to an after school program and be home by dinner every night.

Doctor's Office Nurse

This job entails working side by side with a doctor to take vital signs, help with filling medications, coordinating testing and care, and assisting the doctor with office procedures. The hours are only when the doctor works and you most likely have weekends and holidays off.

Per Diem Nurse

You can also work at hospitals on a "Per Diem" basis. This is like an on-call nurse that only fills in certain shifts. It is usually not eligible for benefits, but you can work part-time and have more time for your kids.


There are plenty of great nursing jobs for moms so you can be there more for your kids. These types of jobs also help with "nursing burnout" and keep you working in the field. You may find them fun and exciting, while enjoying watching your kids grow up!