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Free Continuing Healthcare Education (CME's)

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Free Continuing Healthcare Education (CME’s) will help you in your healthcare job. After you graduate from school, your health care education doesn’t end. You will need to earn a certain amount of units each year in order to keep up your certification or license. This is an area that is often time consuming and costly for healthcare professionals. The good news there are free Continuing Healthcare Education (CME’s) out there that you can access and do over the course of the year.

Good Places For Free Healthcare Education CME’s

There are a lot of companies out there that charge money for CME packages. You pay them, read the material and take a test to receive the units. They issue a certificate that you have passed the test. It is relatively east and usually only takes a few hours of your time, but some people either can’t afford the fees or don’t have the time to do all of the required units in one sitting.

Free CME’s usually come in smaller packages of units, but are about 15 minutes to 1.5 hours long for each unit received. The websites keep track of each visit and you can’t print a transcript of your studies. I personally like this option because there are many different choices about varying subjects that bring you up to speed in healthcare. This includes; new treatments and medications, advances in technology, patient care and diseases, etc. This way you can tailor your continuing education to the field that you are specializing in.

One good place to find free CME’s tailored to your field of medicine is MedScape. They have just about anything for every specialty and the latest medical news that can help you in your healthcare practice. They also include; current drug therapies, drug recall information, and current therapies for diseases and conditions. They will keep track of your units and have a printable transcript.

The second great place for CME’s is Centers For Disease Control. All you have to do is register for a Free account and you can study and test on a number of diseases. This is really good for all healthcare professionals and keeps up on current disease studies and changes in the monitoring of diseases. For example; the disease monitoring of Tuberculosis is ever changing. New non-resistant antibiotics are being added and it is important to keep up to date on TB precautions and populations. In addition, they have information not only on communicable diseases but many other challenges in the healthcare field.


The Importance of CME’s In Healthcare Jobs

Most Healthcare Jobs require some type of licensing and/or certification. One of the criteria for keeping these up is continuing medical education on a yearly basis or at least every other year. It is important not to get caught with your license about to expire and have to fulfill all of your units at once. This could get costly. Logging in to free sites periodically and taking a few credits at a time will add up over your certification or licensing period and make it easier to renew.

If you choose to go with free CME’s, make sure you print your transcript often and keep them on file someplace safe. This way if a computer system loses the information, you have proof that you took the courses. Licensing and certification board policies vary from state to state and you may be audited, so it’s a good idea to keep a copy on file to send in if they ask for records.

Your employer may also ask for a copy of the CME’s you have completed to make sure you are in compliance with the facility policies. Often, your employer may also offer free CME’s for job related activities such as; meetings, in-services, drug representative visits, etc. Check with your human resources department for things you can attend at no cost.


One of the most important things you need to do regarding healthcare jobs is keep up with your medical education. Once you have passed your first test for licensing or certification, you have a responsibility to keep you knowledge of the medical field up-to-date between renewals. Keep good records of these courses and be prepared. This can all be done easily over time with free units that will keep you in tune with the changing field of healthcare and help you give the best patient care possible.

Also there are many options to gain Health Care degrees online. Click HERE to learn more about  getting a Master of Science in Nursing Degree online. There are many similar opportunities which you could explore.