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An esthetician is a beauty professional who specializes in skin care. He/she would offer salon as well as spa services such as facial, exfoliation treatment, hair removal, waxing and much more. He/she will cleanse and beautify your face and body in order to enhance your external appearance. You can find an esthetician usually working in a salon or spa and less frequently in medical offices. I would say this is an ideal occupation for those who wants to be self-employed by running his/her own salons.

Job Description:

An esthetician will have to perform the following tasks:

  • Must be able to evaluate skin condition as well as appearance of the client.

  • Must discuss the available treatments with the client.

  • Must be able to determine which product will improve the skin quality of the client.

  • Must be able to remove unwanted hair using one of the approved treatments.

  • Must clean the skin prior to makeup.

  • Must be able to recommend the appropriate skin care products.

  • Must to capable of teaching the client on how to apply makeup and how to take care of their own skin.

  • Must be able to refer the client to another skincare specialist like dermatologist incase of any serious problems.

  • Must be able to disinfect the equipments.

How to become an Esthetician?

Educational Requirements:

In order to get enrolled in the training that is required to become an esthetician, you must hold either a high school diploma or GED. Most of the estheticians would take a state-approved esthetician program though some of the high schools are offering vocational training these days. It is advisable to apply for an esthetician training program that is accredited by ‘National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences’. It is to be noted that ‘Associated Skin Care Professionals’ which is the largest organization that is devoted to this occupation is offering a ‘State Regulation Guide’.

Certification and Training:

Upon completion of the esthetician program, the candidates are required to take a written and practical exam along with 300 hours of supervised experience in order to obtain a state license. You can contact your state licensing department in order to know about the specific requirements for your state. Nowadays, many states offer with continuing education seminars that are designed for keeping the estheticians updated on new techniques as well as products.

An esthetician candidate would require additional training in order to work in the state. And, some of the entry-level estheticians will get further on-job training.

Job Outlook and Opportunities:

The job market for esthetician is projected to grow by 40% from the year 2012 - 2022 which is much faster than the average growth of all other occupations. This increase in the market is reflecting the demand for new services that are being offered such as quick and mobile facials.


As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual pay for an esthetician is $28,640 which equals to $13.77 per hour.


Average Pay                                        :           $28,640

Education                                             :           Esthetics and Cosmetology

Number of Jobs, 2012                    :           44,400

Employment Growth from 2012 to 2022         :           40%

On-the-job training                          :           None

Work Experience                               :           None