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Enter the Healthcare Field with these Non-Medical Degrees

Everyone would be thinking that one would need a medical degree to pursue a career in healthcare. Although this is true for most of the healthcare core careers, this is not completely true because one can enter into the field with a non-medical degree too. And, I would say that there are many different ways to reach the healthcare field other than medical degrees. Here, I will discuss four major degrees through which you can enter into the healthcare arena. Continue reading to know them:

Degree in Human Resource Management:

Yes, earning a degree in human resource management could take you to the healthcare industry. It’s because the healthcare facilities are among the largest employers in that locality. No matter whether it’s a hospital or a nursing home, they are hiring lots of healthcare professionals all round the year and therefore, they require a human resource department for hiring new employees and for attending to the concerns of the current employees. Thus, a degree in human resource management would help you find a career in healthcare especially if you have got the degree from an accredited course.

Degree in Marketing:

In the healthcare field, the revenue the business would make is solely dependent upon the number of patients a doctor sees in his/her own clinic, hospital, or other healthcare facilities. Here, comes the role of a marketer who is having an integral role to play within the industry. Nowadays, having a digital presence has become more and more important for the healthcare facilities thus increasing the demand for digital marketing personnel in the healthcare organizations. Thus, you are sure to get a job in a healthcare facility if you have an accredited degree in any of the following subject areas:

  • Content marketing

  • Digital marketing

  • Graphic design

  • Social media marketing

Degree in English:

You should underestimate the worth of the degree in English in present day job market. You need to understand that the people with a degree in English are having more chances of getting a job in several fields and the healthcare field is not exceptional. Remember that the people with the majors in English would have great skills in communication and critical thinking. Thus, they will be preferred for working in the healthcare sector as an editor of medical journals and even as a copywriter of the websites of the healthcare facilities.

Degree in Law:

This would be surprising for you as most of you might not think that you can enter into the healthcare field with your law degree. Just hold on a second to think the number of cases of doctors that are being filed on a day-to-day basis. It will be more surprising for you to know that almost 64% of the doctors have a malpractice lawsuit against them. From this data, you would have understood the demand for lawyers among the doctors, as well as the patients. Thus, the people with a law degree could build a strong career in healthcare by specializing in the malpractice cases.