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Consider these Senior Care Jobs for a Successful Healthcare Career

The average life expectancy of the elderly population is increased by twenty years as estimated by the ‘U.S. Department of Health’. With the 50 million people above 65 years of age at present, we must understand that there will be a higher demand for senior care professionals in the next ten years. If you are looking for a successful career in the healthcare sector, then I would recommend you to look at the following senior care jobs available at present. I would say entering the senior care profession right now would give a great success in the future. So, don’t wait. Just consider the following senior care jobs in order to be successful in your healthcare career…

Personal Care Aide:

You will be surprised to know that there are more than a million personal care aides in the United States at present. As a personal care aide, you would help your clients in their daily activities. At times, you would also act as a companion to the senior people and assist them in transportation, food preparation, and cleaning activities. In general, the personal care aides would work at the homes of the seniors. This profession doesn’t require any formal degrees but you need to receive the necessary on-the-job training. Some states in the country would require completing the basic personal care aide training program and passing an examination. According to the U.S. Department Labor Statistics, the employment opportunities for personal care aides are estimated to increase by 26% from 2014 to 2024.

Home Health Aide:

As a home health aide, you will aid the disable people in their homes. In general, the home health aides would work under the monitoring of the medical professionals. Similar to the personal care aides, the home health aides also don’t require any formal degrees or a high school diploma in order to pursue their careers. However, if you want to work for a healthcare organization which is financially aided by the Medicare or Medicaid, you must complete a basic training program and pass an examination. If you want the best job security, you may also opt to obtain certification through the ‘National Association for Home Care and Hospice’. According to the U.S. Department Labor Statistics, the employment opportunities for home care aides are estimated to increase by 38% from 2014 to 2024.

Nursing Assistant:

As a nursing assistant, you would generally work in the healthcare organizations to provide medical services to the senior citizens. Your duties as a nursing assistant will be more similar to that of the home health aides and you need to work under the supervision of an ‘LPN’ or ‘RN’. In the United States, almost all the states would require the nursing assistants to complete the training program, on-the-job training, and the certification examination. By choosing to be a nursing assistant, you can learn the basic skills, as well as knowledge, that are required for joining a BSN degree program. According to the U.S. Department Labor Statistics, the employment opportunities for nursing assistants are estimated to increase by 17% from 2014 to 2024.