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Changing Career Paths? Healthcare Options For Everyone

The healthcare industry is an excellent niche to pursue a career. It is stable, lucrative and very rewarding. It is an industry that would continue to be progressive and strong in many years to come. The career options are incredibly extensive and you would be surprised to find out that not all healthcare jobs involves needles, extracting bloods and dissecting body parts. But then, while the healthcare industry does offer ample opportunity and is attainable for various people from a different field of expertise and education, many things still need to be considered before choosing and investing (yes, you are investing because you are going to spend for training that might be your key to a much successful healthcare profession) in a healthcare career that would suit you perfectly.

Are suits more appealing to you than scrubs? If an idea of an office setting appeals to you then you could belong in this field of work:

Health Service Manager/Administrator – you should have a strong business and management skills as you would be in charge of provision and implementation of local healthcare through hospital and other health care facilities management. It requires a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field and mostly calls for a further education or MBA specializing in health care administration.

medical technicianMedical Records and Health Information Technician – this type of work may involves routine, repetitive tasks. You may be confined in a desk and chair for a long time in a day. This entails strong interest in computer systems. Your tasks involve maintaining and organizing medical health records. These reports are often in paper form and you will be required to convert it to digital mediums to make it more organized, and can last much longer.

If you are outgoing, people-person or have great interpersonal skills, these careers in the healthcare industry may be for you:

Rehabilitation Counselor – Bachelor’s education and master’s degree is required for advancement. One should have a strong desire to help others and has the ability to inspire change, confidence, trust and respect. Counselors provide rehabilitation and support services. This is a stressful job so it’s important that one possess high physical and emotional energy to handle the different problems and issues.

Medical/ Dental Assistant – Involves mainly in patient assistant, making patient feel comfortable prior to treatment. Also, it will be your task to explain to patients on any general or post-operative care in their treatment. Personality is a tool here. This job will require a certificate or associate’s degree in medical/dental assisting.

Not for the squeamish:

pharmacy technician

Clinical Laboratory Technician – Not for the faint of heart and queasy, tasks involve collecting samples of blood, tissues and other bodily fluids for testing diseases. Work requires use of computers and automated laboratory equipment. One should be precise and accurate since results are vital to patient’s well being. This career requires a degree in medical technology.

For the organization-savvy:

Pharmacy Technician – involves in preparing and dispensing pharmaceutical drugs. Also, engages in customer service by communicating directly to patients over the phone regarding the awareness of their prescribed medications. It involves administrative jobs as well, like organizing, inventory handling and reviewing doctor’s prescription. This requires you to have a certificate for associate degree in pharmacy technician.