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Certified Medication Aides

Certified Medication Aide         


A Certified Medication Aide assists nurses in passing medications to patients. They are Certified Nursing Assistants with just a little extra training and certification. In hospitals andlong-term care facilities, there is a high demand for patient medications to be delivered on time and safely. This makes Certified Medication Aides in high demand.

Job Description

Certified Medication Aides assist licensed nurses with medication duties. This may include:


  • Helping nurses package medications for delivery to patients

  • Pass medications to patients under the supervision of a licensed nurse

  • Monitor medication carts and rooms for medication inventories and alert nurses to refill needs

  • Once licensed nurse has checked delivered medications, place them in stock in med cart or room

  • Notify licensed nurse of reactions and side-effects

  • Proper documentation of medication administration

  • Administering treatments per state scope of practice, i.e. breathing treatments, skin creams, etc.

  • Performing roles of Certified Nursing Assistant as necessary

How to become a Certified Medication Aide


In order to become a Certified Medication Aide, you must first become a Certified Nursing Assistant. The school only takes a few months and classes are held in community colleges, private schools and many adult school campuses. It requires both classroom time and clinical hours in order to take the certification exam. You will also need to be CPR certified and can take those classes from any provider that offers Accredited CPR Classes. Once you receive your diploma, you will be allowed to sit for the state board examination.


After you receive certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant, you must work at least (6) months as a CNA. You will then take courses in medication administration. These classes consist of at least (60) hours of classroom time and at least (8) hours of clinical training passing medications. Click here for a list of state programs for Certified Medication Aide.



In order to receive your certification as a Certified Medication Aide, you will need to complete the required classroom time and clinical practice hours. After you complete your courses, you will apply for certification, pay the required fees and make an appointment for testing. This testing is usually administered at an off-site independent testing facility.



Job Outlook and Opportunities

Employment growth for Certified Medication Aides is expected to increase by 21% between 2012 and 2022.  This is a faster than average rate of job growth. Healthcare is always in need of more staff trained to assist nurses in their duties and there are plenty of exciting opportunities.


The average annual pay of a Certified Medication Aides is $24, 400 per year and about $11.73 per hour.



Average Pay $24,400
Education Trade School
Number of Jobs, 2012 1, 534, 400
Employment Growth from 2012 -2022 21.00%
On-the-job training Some
Work Experience None


You can click HERE to find schools in your area for Certified Medication Aides.