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Boost Your Nursing Career with these Degrees

Getting a license for your nursing career is not an easy thing. With lots and lots of people choosing the healthcare field especially nursing, there are fair chances of getting lost in the crowd. But, there are some good ways to stand out in the crowd. Of all the possible ways, I would recommend you to boost your nursing career by earning some degrees. Come on; now let’s know which degrees would boost your nursing career here. Continue reading…

Bachelor of Science in Nursing:

Yes, what you think is right! You don’t need a BSN degree for practicing as a nurse but earning this degree would give you more job opportunities as most of the people would start off with an associate’s degree. You will be more preferred amongst the fellow job searchers with an associate’s degree. In order to put it more clearly, several hospitals with a ‘Magnet Status’ are hiring only the nurses with BSN degrees. And, we can soon expect that the minimum requirement for a nursing job to be changed from associate’s to bachelor’s degree in many other hospitals too. Therefore, enroll now in a bachelor’s program to shine in your nursing career.

Master of Science in Nursing:

The second step for reaching the peak in your nursing career is to earn a master’s degree. I would say that this is one of the best degrees in the healthcare field and the job opportunities for nurses with the MSN degrees are abundant and growing. Apart from practicing as a nurse, with an MSN degree, you could get various other job roles like the nursing professor, nursing manager, or nursing director which are some of the high-paying jobs today. A good thing about earning a master’s nursing degree is that you can pursue your course online.

Doctor of Nursing Practice:

As you might be aware, the doctorate degree in nursing would prepare to become an independent healthcare provider. In the United States, the nurse practitioners will be able to solve the problem of physician shortage as the nursing practitioner is capable of diagnosing the medical conditions and is able to prescribe the medications. Therefore, you are sure to have a shining future if you are able to earn a doctorate degree in nursing practice.

Clinical Nurse Specialist:

Technically, this is a master’s degree. However, this is different in the way that this degree program is tailored to train the nurses in the skills, as well as theories that are applied at the bedside while the direct patient care is being performed. When you have a clinical nurse specialist degree, you can become a clinical nurse educator which is a position that involves providing the continuing education to the practicing nurses in your healthcare organization.

Overall, I would say that the advanced degrees are the best and certain ways to boost your career, as well as earnings. These degrees, which are available at different costs and times, are sure to help you achieving your career goals in the ever-growing healthcare sector.