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Are you applying for Jobs Safely?

A vast majority of you are applying for jobs using online resources. But, are you considering your safety while entering your personal information like the following:

  • Full name

  • Social security number

  • Address

  • Work details

  • Phone number

May it be on the paper or on the internet; you are going to hand over the job application to a stranger, right? Have you ever felt about the security risks you are crossing? If not until now, think about it right now! So, how can you apply for jobs safely? Know how here…

Don’t Apply for Bogus Jobs:

The first and foremost thing you need to remember while applying for jobs is to keep yourself away from bogus jobs. Wondering how to identify bogus jobs? It’s simple! Avoid applying for blinds job ads without the names of companies or recruiters. If an ad doesn’t have the name of a company or recruiter, how can you make sure that it is a genuine ad? Can’t, right? So, just ignore such blind ads and move onto next one.

Use only Reputed Job Boards:

This is a great way to stay safe. Not all job boards are working in the same way in terms of safety aspects and applying in the job boards without safety policies will put you in trouble. How to identify if a job board is reliable? Let’s take the example of ‘’ here. If a site is reputable, it would have its own job website. In Caring Careers, we have our own job website and we are not sending your information to a third party. Secondly, you would know that a job board is reputable if you can find information about who accesses the information you enter and also the job board must contain a clear privacy policy on the website. As you may see, Caring Careers has a detailed privacy policy listed on its website and therefore, the site is reliable. If there is no such privacy policy on the job board you are applying, then you can think that information is not in the safe hands.

Don’t Include Confidential Information:

While applying for a job, remember not to include your personal information like the following:

  • Credit card number

  • Bank account number

  • Mother’s maiden name

  • Social security number

  • Date of birth

  • Gender

  • Race

In general, we can say that a company that is asking to provide the aforementioned details might not be legitimate and it’s always good to avoid such companies.

Even if you are personally aware of the company and you want to apply anyway, I would advise you to indicate that you would provide your personal information after getting the job offer. Please remember to indicate this in a humble manner. While the above information might be required for generating payroll and taxes, it doesn’t mean that you need to provide these types of vital information to all the potential employers.

In addition to all the above-mentioned things, you must make sure that the website you are applying for a job is secured. And, make sure that you are creating a strong password unique to that website and your application.