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8 Most Exciting Healthcare Jobs for 2016

Although pursuing a career in healthcare field may seem little difficult, it’s not the actual case. Several healthcare jobs don’t require more than an associate degree. On-the-job training alone is sufficient in some other cases. There are many healthcare support jobs wherein the particular healthcare professional would assist the physicians and surgeons in their important tasks.

Here, let’s see some of the most exciting healthcare jobs for 2016:

  1. Paramedic:

Paramedics are the medical professionals who can be found first at the sight of medical emergencies. It has been estimated that this particular profession would bring around 58,500 jobs. At present, the average annual salary got by a paramedic is found to be $31,700.

  1. Surgical Technologist:

Surgical technologists are the healthcare professionals, who would assist the surgeons in the operating rooms in the tasks like tools setting and sterilization of operating rooms. The average annual salary earned by a surgical technologist at present is $43,350. The expected number of job openings for surgical technologists in the upcoming days is 14,700.

  1. Optician:

Opticians are the staffs those who will be employed in optical stores and other healthcare centers for assisting the patients in the selection of eyewear. At present, the median annual salary for an optician is found to be $34,280. This field is expected to produce around 17,800 job openings in the upcoming days.

  1. Veterinary Technologist:

Veterinary technologists are the healthcare professionals who would assist the veterinarians in the tasks like diagnosis and treatment of animal subjects. This particular healthcare field is estimated to bring around 17,900 job openings in the near future. The current median annual salary for a veterinary technologist is $31,070.

  1. Genetic Counselor:

The genetic counselors are the medical professionals who would help patients in identifying the probable genetic conditions. The estimated number of job openings for genetic counselors in the upcoming years is calculated to be 700. The average annual salary for a genetic counselor is found to be $67,500 which is very high.

  1. Medical Assistant:

Medical assistants are the medical professionals who would work in physicians’ offices and help them in clerical works and other basic medical works. This particular field holds a very bright future with a huge number of estimated job openings which is 138,900. The median annual salary earned by medical assistants is $29,960 at present.

  1. Phlebotomist:

Phlebotomists are the healthcare professionals who would draw blood samples from patients. They are also responsible for maintaining the blood-drawing instruments. The expected number of job openings for phlebotomists in the near future is found to be 28,100. The median annual salary earned by the phlebotomists is found to be $ 30,670.

  1. Dental Assistant:

Dental assistants are the medical professionals working with dentists and/or dental hygienists who would assist them in various tasks like clerical works and preparing patients for their treatments. This field holds an estimated number of 58,600 job openings in the upcoming years. The average annual salary being earned by the dental assistants at present is found to be $35,390.