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20 Signs that indicate the need for Senior Care

Finding the best senior care for your elderly parents or relatives is of top priority to many. The important question that many ponder or have to ponder, is when exactly do their loved ones require senior care? The responsibility falls on the family to ascertain the possibility of needing senior care. A common predicament faced by many family is that the person requiring senior care does not cooperate. Most of the times, he or she is in denial of their state.  The elder person in question, often feel that living conditions are adequate and that they are fending for themselves quite well. So it becomes your duty to watch out and notice the changes in their lifestyle. Here, we will look at the most common 20 signs that indicate the need for senior care for your loved ones.

  1. Failure to attend important appointments and meetings

  2. Poor disposal of spoilt food

  3. Difficulty in getting up from a seat or couch

  4. Failure to respond with a proper answer to bruising and other minor injuries

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  5. Difficulty with balance, walking and ability to move

  6. Lack of certainty and confusion when performing certain tasks which were once performed with ease

  7. Weight loss and poor diet

  8. Mood swings

  9. Dementia

  10. Scratches in the vehicles that goes unexplained when questioned about it

  11. Bounced cheques, late payment notices as well as calls from bill collectors

  12. Medications not taken appropriately

  13. Absentmindedness

  14. Body odor

  15. Irregular bathing and showering

  16. Smell of urine in their place of residence

  17. Evident decline in personal care as well as grooming habits

  18. Piled up laundry, extreme disorder and filthy house

  19. Mails that are not attended to or mails haven't been collected

Watch out for these 'indicators' that will indicate the need for senior care. You need to ascertain when senior care is needed. Once you have done that,  be prepared to talk with your parent or some other person you love about this option. Additionally, if they are uncomfortable leaving their homes and want to live independently, it is necessary to hire an in home caregiver. There are many options you and your loved one can explore to make living pleasant and agreeable.